This Or That? Why Honda Motorcycle CB125F is so Expensive In Pakistan?

Vehicle comparison is a common thing. They say that people started comparing their motorcycles as soon as the 2nd motorcycle was produced in the world. In Pakistan, the automobile industry is in hot waters. We are currently battling inflation-infested prices and old-school technology. The situation is different across the border. A similar motorcycle by the same automobile manufacturer Honda Motorcycle costs almost 5 times less. Why is that? let’s find out.

Honda Japan is operating in Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, it is operating under the mechanism of a Joint Venture with Atlas Group. The products which are offered in both countries are very different. In Pakistan, the entry-level Honda is 70cc while its a 125cc in India. Technically the motorcycles offered by Honda in India are more advanced as compared to Pakistan.


The Honda product line for Pakistan looks like it’s stuck in the ’80s and ’90s. The top seller Honda CD70 & CG125 are based on decades-old motorcycles and they are not as fuel efficient as modern motorcycles are. In India, Honda is offering fuel-injected variants of its commuter motorcycles with ABS and many other riding aids.

If we compare CB125 Shine (Indian Honda) to CB125F(Pakistani Honda), the difference is leaps n bounds. The Indian version is way ahead in technology and fuel efficiency while Ours is based on the 1970s Honda CG125 old-school engine. The price difference is also huge, CB Shine costs 80,000 INR which is almost 270,000 PKR. The CB125F costs 380,900 which is 5 times more with fewer features on offer. Not Only Honda, but almost every motorcycle manufacturer is also doing the same!

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The common observation is that in Pakistan, Honda is the market leader. Honda Motorcycles are copied by the local motorcycle manufacturing firms which result in a conventional motorcycle market. In India, their local brands keep Japanese motorcycle brands on their toes when it comes to price, specs, and features. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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