Worst Motorcycle Made In Pakistan! DYL MINI 100

Pakistani motorcyclists may be very enthusiastic about maintaining and riding their motorcycles but Pakistani motorcycle manufacturers are not. The only prime objective of developing a motorcycle here is to get maximum sales on a limited budget. When a salesman is designing a motorcycle, there are many faults. DYL Mini 100 is the worst motorcycle made in Pakistan. Here is what you should know about it.

Who is DYL?:

DYL or Dawood Younas Limited previously known as Dawood Yamaha Limited was a partner of Yamaha. From 1990 till 2012 they manufactured and sold Yamaha Royale, Yamaha Junoon, and Yamaha 4Stroke in Pakistan. In 2012, they parted ways with Yamaha and launched DYL YD70 commonly known as Dhoom 70. YD70 immediately rose to success as people were calling it Yamaha ki 70 but soon this bubble burst and people knew that it is just another Chinese-developed motorcycle. Later they launched DYL Junoon and then Mini 100 before going bankrupt and shutting down the operations.

Image courtesy:Gari.pk

What is DYL Mini 100?:

DYL Mini 100 is a Pakistani version of frankestine monster or a mechanic putting together existing parts into a roadkill-style automobile. Though it looked like a proper motorcycle still it had some serious refinement and stability issues. What DYL did was they took the chassis of a Dhoom 70, installed the engine of DYL Junoon, and used fenders from some other projects. This motorcycle was supposed to be a 100cc in the price of Honda CD70 but it backfired really badly.

Why Mini 100 Failed?:

The issues with Mini 100 were serious. The first one was stability. This motorcycle was quick but unstable. Due to a compromised frame (70cc frame can handle vibrations and power of a 70cc engine only), its ride was wobbly, full of vibrations, and unstable.

100cc engine in 70cc frame

Being a 70cc suspension, its suspension was also not up to the mark. The engine was badly installed by making some additional plates and welding them to the chassis. All in all DYL Mini 100 was a butchered job.

It was priced in between the DYL 70 and DYL Junoon at the time, people never got the clarity on why to buy DYL Mini 100. Those who bought it regretted it and the negative word of mouth started killing its sales. DYL was in hot waters at the time and this contributed to making situations worst. Eventually, DYL went bankrupt and closed its business.

Though now DYL has become operational again and manufacturing limited quantity of their Dhoom 70 and spare parts, they were once a legendary company that was competing with Honda on the front foot! Now Honda is leading the market with most sales!Read More.

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