Who sold How many Motorcycles Last Month?

As our automobile industry is in hot waters since last year, the sales have badly been disturbed. Many small manufacturers have halted their operations because they are unable to compete in these tough conditions. Due to increasing inflation, the same 70cc motorcycle now costs more than 1 lac rupees. In these situations, which company is selling the most motorcycles in the market? Let’s find out who sold how many motorcycles last month i.e. May 2023.

The data we are using to structure this article comes courtesy of PAMA, Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association. According to their latest report, Suzuki sold only 820 motorcycles in May 2023. For a big Japanese player, this number is very shameful. Many factors contributed to this small sales value. Most important of all of them are increasing motorcycle prices, lack of leasing facility, and cancelation of the Suzuki installment plan. Also due to non-production days, Suzuki Plant is also closed down again. Suzuki sales are currently down by 29.1%

160cc motorcycle in 1,10,000? How?

Among the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Yamaha comes in second place. In the month of May 23, Yamaha sold a total of 1,114 motorcycles. Yamaha has been the world’s most-selling motorcycle brand but not in Pakistan. The biggest reason is Yamaha’s narrow product line. Yamaha has only 125cc motorcycles and they mainly target young riders. Also, the increasing prices of Yamaha motorcycles have made them overpriced in terms of value for money. What may astonish you is that even with this sales figure, Yamaha observed a growth of 32% over last year.

The throne of the most selling Japanese Motorcycle company in Pakistan is claimed by Honda Motorcycles. In May 23 alone Honda managed to sell more than 87,000 motorcycles in Pakistan. This is due to many factors, mainly because of Honda’s brand loyalty. A Honda user always upgrades to another Honda. Also, Honda is the only company with the biggest product line. From 70 to 150cc, Honda caters to the most audience. Honda has recorded a growth of 18% over last month’s sales.

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