We are not going anywhere! Toyota Pakistan denies the rumors.

After the official announcement of Shell exiting Pakistan, false news rapidly started spreading all over the internet about Toyota exiting Pakistan too. Due to the dire state of the economy and industry, many believed that it might be true until a senior executive from Toyota shared that We are not going anywhere! Here is what we know more about this news.

In talks to the media, the company executive shared that there is no truth in the news of permanent closure. This was due to a lack of inventory and the opening of a letter of credit. Due to these issues, the production was halted but now it is back on track.

CEO of Toyota Indus Motors, Ali Asghar Jamali said that the company is not planning to leave Pakistan as it is a great market for automobiles. Toyota is working on launching new hybrid vehicles in Pakistan. Such a Hybrid Cross Over Vehicle is Toyota Corolla Cross.

As per the CEO of Toyota Indus, hybrid vehicles will come in handy for Pakistan as they are fuel efficient. Also, they are 35% cleaner due to less energy emissions. In 2021, Toyota Indus Motors spent over 100 million $ to localize hybrid electric vehicles. Despite the challenges, Toyota Indus Motor plans to expand and work in Pakistan!

Toyota is the most loved automobile brand in Pakistan and it is associated with durability and convenience. Toyota Corolla is not only the most selling sedan in Pakistan but all across the globe. Toyota is famous because of its reliability and ease of maintenance.

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