New Yamaha Prices are too much!

New Yamaha Prices Are Just Too Much!

Despite the continuous decrease in dollar value, Pakistani automobile prices are still increasing. The most recent price hike is from Yamaha in which they have increased the prices of their motorcycles. The new Yamaha prices are just too much. Here is what we know so far!

Yamaha Motor Pakistan is a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co in Pakistan. The motorcycle manufacturer is selling and manufactures 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan. The Yamaha YBR series is very popular among youngsters due to its aggressive looks but now it seems like their time is coming to an end.

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In the recent price hike, Yamaha has again increased its prices across all variants. The motorcycle is now overpriced and not value for money anymore. In an official circular, Yamaha has shared its new prices as under:

Yamaha New Prices

The motorcycle manufacturer has not shared any valid reason for this price hike. The economic conditions of Pakistan are still in hot waters but the dollar prices are having a downward trend. The recent dollar price is 274-275 rupees as compared to the previous 300 rupees. But Yamaha has increased the prices on each variant. Previously the tax slab was also increased to 18% from 17% which made motorcycles more expensive.

The end consumers are having a harsh opinion about the price increase. As per the end consumers, this price hike is not justified. The government is lifting import bans, Pakistan has finally got its accounts settled by IMF and the dollar is coming down. Overall the market situation is slightly better as compared to the initial days of the PDM government.

New Yamaha Prices are too much!

Not only consumers, the motorcycle dealers are having a hard stance against this price hike. As per the dealers, selling motorcycles at these high prices is not possible. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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