Rain water can damage your motorcycle

Rain Water Can Damage Your Motorcycle Engine!

Riding in the rain may be fun but rainwater can damage your motorcycle engine. This is often overlooked but the water can cause damage of many sorts. In this article, we will take a look at the damages rainwater may cause.

Rain Water & Rust:

Motorcycles are exposed to foreign elements like moisture and humidity. In the case of rainwater, this expedites even more. The most common area which catches rust is the rims of motorcycles. Because the inner area of the rim is not exposed to air which ay dry water, moisture traps in, and due to humidity, rust develops there. This rust not only damages the tube, but it also damages the spokes and tyres.

Rain Water Damages Engine:

If somehow rainwater enters the engine of your motorcycle, it’s game over! Oil and water never go well together. They never mix and form a white foamy sludge-type liquid which damages the engine. This white sludge damages the main end bearings and eventually seizes the engine. In case water enters the engine, it is best to change the engine oil as early as possible.

Rain water can damage your motorcycle

Rain Water Damages Electricals Components:

Electrical components such as CDI Units, and rectifiers are placed in a dry part of the motorcycle generally but in case of rain and water crossing, they may get wet or submerged. These components are usually replaced as repairing them is time-consuming.

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How to be safe?

It is better to avoid too much committed riding in the rain. It may be fatal for your motorcycle. If riding is necessary and inevitable then it’s necessary to ride slowly and avoid deep water crossings where water may enter the engine or other parts. After a rainy ride, it is advised to clean your motorcycle with clean plain water and dry your motorcycle properly. A well-kept motorcycle speaks for itself!

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