Suzuki Dealers Charging more!

Suzuki Dealers Charging Extra On 0% Mark-Up Schemes!

Suzuki Motorcycles are known for their reliable and powerful engines. Suzuki Motor Co is developing four variants of Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan. As the recent inflation and devaluation of money are known to all, motorcycle prices have really gone high. Suzuki Motorcycles are being offered on 0% markup installments at 35% advance with no extra charges. Here is what you need to know about it because Suzuki dealers are charging more!

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The official motorcycle installment plan from Pak Suzuki is not available anymore. The only way to purchase a Suzuki motorcycle is cash but some dealers have come up with a solution and your desired Suzuki Motorcycles can be bought in installments. The reason for this plan is to liquidate the stockpile at their showrooms and warehouses.

Suzuki Dealers Charging more!

This installment plan is not offered for every Suzuki Motorcycle. The Suzuki GR150 and GSX125 are not available for purchase through this installment plan. This plan is covering Suzuki GD110S and Suzuki GS150 Only.

The details of the installment plan are as under:

Installment Plan

The worst thing about these installment plans is overcharging. Suzuki dealers are charging money in the name of file processing, insurance, and registration. (Overcharging the customers to keep their share)

If you are willing to buy Suzuki Motorcycles in installments, you should know how much extra you are paying in the name of 0% markup.

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