HARLEY X440 or Triumph speed 400

Harley Davidson X440 or Triumph Speed 400

For us Pakistanis, the Indian motorcycle market has always been diversified and interesting, with numerous manufacturers launching flagship models. Harley-Davidson and Triumph are two well-known brands that stand out from the crowd. In this comparison, we will look at the Harley Davidson X440 and Triumph Speed 400, comparing their prices, specifications, and features to see which one is the best in the Indian market and whether will they ever come to Pakistan or not.

HARLEY X440 or Triumph speed 400


When it comes to buying a motorbike, price is an important factor to consider. The Harley-Davidson X440 is priced at INR 2.3 lakhs, while the Triumph Speed 400 is a little more expensive at INR 2.50 lakhs. While the price difference may not be large, it may be critical for certain prospective purchasers. For us Pakistanis, these prices sound magical. Our 125cc motorcycles are costing more than 4 lakh Pak rupees.

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Both motorcycles are powerful in the engine department but with notable variations. The Harley-Davidson X440 is powered by a 440cc V-twin engine that generates 28 horsepower and 38 Newton meters of torque. The Triumph Speed 400, on the other hand, has a somewhat smaller engine, with a 400cc single-cylinder engine producing 40 horsepower and 48 Nm of torque. The X440 has a lesser advantage over the Speed 400 in terms of raw power.


The Harley Davidson X440 and Triumph Speed 400 both include a slew of amenities that improve the riding experience. The X440 has a digital instrument cluster that displays a variety of information such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and more. It also has LED illumination, a comfortable seating position, and sophisticated brake systems.

The Triumph Speed 400, on the other hand, concentrates on providing a blend of performance and comfort. It has a fully digital TFT display and multiple riding modes, as well as a navigation aid and smartphone connectivity. In addition, the Speed 400 has LED illumination, adjustable suspension, and a tuned exhaust tone.

Riding Pleasure:

When it comes to overall riding enjoyment, both motorcycles have their own distinct appeal. The Harley-Davidson X440 is distinguished by its traditional cruiser style and imposing presence on the road. It’s a terrific choice for long-distance cruising thanks to its throaty exhaust note and comfortable ergonomics.

The Triumph Speed 400, on the other hand, has a more athletic and agile demeanor. It is agile handling and light weight makes it a great partner for city commuting and furious journeys on curvy routes. The Speed 400’s overall riding qualities are further enhanced by its quick throttle and well-tuned suspension.

Harley OR Triumph:

Ultimately, the choice between the Harley Davidson X440 and the Triumph Speed 400 comes down to personal preferences and goals. If you want a vintage cruiser with a powerful engine, the X440 might be the one for you. If you value quickness, new features, and a sportier riding experience, the Speed 400 could be the perfect companion.

While the X440 has more power, the Speed 400 compensates with advanced features, refined handling, and a slightly higher price. When choosing a selection, it is critical to consider your riding style, needs, and budget.

Finally, both Harley Davidson and Triumph are well-known brands with a long history, and whichever motorbike you choose, you can be certain of its quality. And if you are wondering if they will come to Pakistan, I regret to hurt your feelings but it is not happening!

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