Petrol pumps dealers association announces strike across Pakistan

Petrol Pumps Dealers Association announces strike across Pakistan

The strikes and political issues have been a part of daily routine in Pakistani life. Recently though the Petrol Pumps Dealers Association has announced a strike across Pakistan. This indefinite strike has been announced in all of Pakistan without any final dates for resuming the business announced. The strike is starting Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd July 2023 6 am. Here is what we know so far.

Petrol pumps dealers association announces strike across Pakistan

According to Mr.Abdul Sami Khan, the president of the Petrol Pumps Dealers Association, the petrol pump owners are facing losses due to poor government policies. He said that the dealers’ commission is not improved over the years. Another issue is the smuggling and sale of Irani Diesel and Petrol in Pakistan. The issue of Irani fuel is more common in Balochistan where the government has allowed to sell Irani fuel in the outskirts of Quetta and other cities. This is triggering a petrol pump strike.

Abdul Sami Khan also said that they have also notified the Petroleum Minister Mr Musadiq Malik about these issues but he has not responded to any of those. The only way left to be heard is to announce a strike and stop selling petrol to the general public. The dealers association announced that they are sorry for the inconvenience but this is the only way to be heard in Pakistan. As per the dealers association, the protest will continue until the government resolves their issues. The general public is advised to have fuel tanks filled by today to avoid any kind of problem in the coming days.

A few days ago, the oil tanker association also protested in Karachi as an oil tanker driver was kidnapped by outlaws near Kashmor. The outlaws demanded a ransom of 10 Million rupees. The authorities have not taken any actions on this as well. These issues triggered this protest, let’s hope for the best possible solution in which no one has to suffer.

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