Get Honda Motorcycles on Installments

Get Atlas Honda Motorcycles on 0% Mark Up

As motorcycle prices are all-time high in Pakistan, the sales data shows that the annual sales are dipping. Due to increasing inflation, people are focusing on buying old motorcycles and repairing their old machines. Stats show that Atlas Honda sales are 14% down as compared to last month and year-to-date sales. To remedy this situation, Atlas Honda has now started its installment program. Now you can get Atlas Honda motorcycles at 0% markup.

Get Honda Motorcycles on Installments

Atlas Honda Motorcycles collaborated with Bank Alfallah and announced a 0% markup scheme for its motorcycles. The scheme is also available for Honda CG125 Self, CB125F, and CB150F. If you are looking to buy Honda CD70, Pridor, or CG125 then Alfa Mall can be utilized. Alfa Mall is a banking application that allows end consumers to purchase their favorite Honda Motorcycle on 0% markup and at 9 monthly installments.

Alfa Mall

The process of booking and purchasing Honda Motorcycles through Alfa Mall is very easy and simple. The customer can simply put in his CNIC number and select his installment plan which varies from 3,6 and 9 months. Once your order is added to the cart, your monthly installments and estimated delivery time will be displayed to you.

Atlas Honda Motorcycles:

The best thing is that there are no hidden charges except Alfa Mall charges which are a 2/3 thousand only. The invoice is directly from Atlas Honda and there is no dealer involved in between. The motorcycle is directly delivered to your nearest showrooms and the end consumers can pick it up from there. Other legal matters like registration and others can be tackled later on by the consumer himself.

Honda CD70

Customers will still get the free tunings and warranty policy as per standard policy. If you are willing to buy a Honda Motorcycle with a 0% markup, then the Alfa Mall scheme seems to be a reliable option. Do let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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