Yamaha Motorcycles on Installments

Yamaha Pakistan Offers Installment Plans

Facing a declining sales trend, many automobile manufacturers have halted their businesses. Some have slowed their pace but Big 3 are still continuing the business. These companies are facing a sales dip but they are managing it somehow. As per the data shown on PAMA website, the sales are dipping. To remedy this situation, Yamaha Pakistan offers installment plans to its customers. Here is what we know so far.

The declining sales were mounting huge pressure on the companies. Yamaha alone managed to sell only 942 motorcycles in June 23 which is 14% less as compared to May 23. For a company which is having a manufacturing/assembling plant in Pakistan, managing the expenses with only 942 motorcycles is not possible. The main issue of this problem is the ever-increasing prices of motorcycles which made them so expensive to be owned.

Yamaha Motorcycles on Installments

Sales data we quoted earlier showed that there is no visible problem or any issues or claims why the sales are down but the reason is very evident. The main reason behind this is un questioned and still increasing price tags. Due to inflation, the manufacturers kept on increasing their prices to stabilize their profits. Unlike other economies where manufacturers will introduce other facilities like buy now pay later or 0% markup installment schemes. This resulted in a temporary increase in profits but now it is a decline from this point.

Yamaha Installment Plans:

Yamaha Motor Pakistan never had any installment plan or sales offer before. Earlier, Yamaha dealers had made their installment plans in the past. This time Yamaha has teamed up with many banks and started their installment plans which range from 3 to 36 months. The installment plans and installment schemes can be seen by visiting the following link. Yamaha Official Installment Plans.

Yamaha Installment Plans

Yamaha has teamed up with the top banks of Pakistan to ensure that it covers maximum customers this time. What do you think about this move of Yamaha, do let us know in the comments below!

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