Suzuki GS150 Transformation

Suzuki GS150 To Royal Enfield Bullet (Tribute Motorcycle)

There is a lot you can do with your motorcycle, it just needs vision, passion, and some serious cash. Pakistan’s most modification-friendly motorcycle Suzuki GS150 has been transformed into many things. It has been a cafe racer, scrambler, bobber, chopper, and whatnot. A dear friend of ours PMV (PAK MODIFIED VEHICLES) has transformed his Suzuki GS150 into Royal Enfield Bullet (Tribute Motorcycle)

Khubabib Butt’s Suzuki GS150SE

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Suzuki GS150, The Build:

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Suzuki GS150 is a great platform to start modifications. Its frame has an ample amount of space and its engine has enough power to haul. The frame is sturdy enough to withstand new body and tyres. This build started with calculating the dynamics of both GS150 and Royal Enfield. Though Royal Enfield is a big and muscular motorcycle but is nicely replicated.

Amy Rana on his RE Tribute Motorcycle

The biggest challenge was getting the feel of the motorcycle right, this was done with a classic Royal Enfield paint job. The seats were also done nicely and the biggest job was to design the headlight. Iconic Tiger eye style headlamp was a tough thing to execute in Pakistan but the builder has done a fantastic job to replicate it with fiberglass.

Suzuki GS150 to RE replica

There are many things that needed to be improvised. Due to the non-availability of spare parts and accessories they had to use what they could find the best. Custom free-flow exhaust is one such example. The sound is incredibly close to Royal Enfield’s original sound. From a distance, this Suzuki GS150 looks like an Enfield.

Suzuki GS150 Transformation

Suzuki GS150 Classic Modifications:

The GS150 has now become a bit difficult to find and modify. The reason being is inflation. The prices are getting higher and higher. The prices of accessories and modification parts are also getting much higher. Due to this phenomenon, the modification culture is now taking a hit. The good thing is that now people are becoming creative and trying to modify within their budgets.

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