Which is the best 150 cc motorcycle in Pakistan? HONDA CB150F 2020 or Suzuki GS150 or some other?
I am often asked this question and HONDA CB150F has a respectful place in locally available 150cc motorcycles. As per my opinion I rate CB150F as the most value for money motorcycle currently available in Pakistan in 150 cc segment and here is why I think that.

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Coming from Honda, CB150F is very different machine, Its sporty in design , has a decent engine and good fit n finish, Being OHC engine with Balancer shaft it is a smooth motorcycle to ride. Mated with 5 speed gear box the ride is smooth with plenty of torque low down. The hardware is also decent and motorcycle doesn’t look out of proportion.

Moreover the CB150F does not rusts like Suzuki GS150 and has much better paint,chrome and electric components quality than Suzuki GS series. These are the reasons why I think CB150F cuts the mustard nicely in 150cc segment. II rate this motorcycle more than GS150 due to build quality and less than GR150 due to smoothness but overall as a package, CB150F is going to be the motorcycle for me!

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