Suzuki Motorcycles prices increased by 3,000 again!

I personally like Suzuki motorcycle for how technologically sound they are but I can not say the same for Suzuki Motorcycles in Pakistan because they are not technically sound, they are old school and on top of that they are very expensive. Suzuki Motorcycle prices are again increased by 3,000 rupees today! Suzuki Motorcycles need to reconsider their pricing strategy now.

The New Prices of these motorcycles are as follows
SUZUKI GD110S 181000
SUZUKI GR150 287000
SUZUKI GS150 193000
SUZUKI GS150 SE 210000

These new prices are HILARIOUS as Suzuki Motorcycles have lost their value for money preposition, No matter how good they may be but they are now becoming out of reach. Meanwhile the dollar is showing a more stable trend still the auto sector is increasing prices.

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