Yamaha Motorcycle Increased Prices

Yamaha Motorcycles Are Very Expensive Now!

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has recently increased its motorcycle prices which are effective from 1st April 2023. The new prices are applicable to all Yamaha motorcycle models. Let’s look in detail and try to find out why Yamaha increased prices.

The new Yamaha motorcycle prices are as under.

Yamaha Motorcycle Increased Prices

Yamaha Motorcycles have now become very expensive. When they were launched new, Yamaha was a symbol of new development and new features but after seven years they seem to fade away like Atlas Honda.

Yamaha Pakistan Motorcycles’ new Prices

The entry-level or most basic Yamaha is YB125Z. It is now retailing for 342,500 rupees. The more premium Yamaha YB125Z DX is now available for 366,500 rupees. Yamaha YBR 125 which started the brand Yamaha in Pakistan costs 376,500 rupees now. The premium and most loved Yamaha YBR125G is available for 391,500 and its special edition is for 394,500 rupees now.

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Why price increase by Yamaha

Yamaha has a relatively stagnant sales chart. Its sales have never been dramatic like Atlas Honda. As the inflation increased, lesser units were sold. The company kept on increasing prices to maintain its profit margin and it ended up at these sky-hiked prices with very less customers.

Yamaha new prices

Yamaha Instalment plans

Now as the prices have gone way higher, Yamaha has announced a zero markup installment plan for four months. The down payment and installment rate are so high that no ordinary consumer is agreed to purchase Yamaha motorcycles.

What Yamaha should do?

In order to maintain a decent sales figure, Yamaha really needs to bring a better installment plan for up to 2 years. This will keep the down payment and installment low to a level that more people can be entertained. Also, Yamaha needs to update its quality. We know new launches are not possible but at least improve what you already have!

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