Yamaha YBR125G 2023 Price & Specs in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR125G 2023 Price in Pakistan

Launched in 2015, Yamaha YBR125 was something unique for Pakistan. After a few months, the YBR125G was launched which changed the game for Yamaha in Pakistan. YBR125G is a mild cross-over version of Yamaha YBR125 with better tyres, slightly longer suspension, and off-road styling. Let’s have a look at Yamaha YBR125G 2023 price & specs in Pakistan.

Initially launched for 135,000 rupees YBR125G was imported as CBU Units. Yamaha Motor Pakistan later started its assembling in Pakistan and its price kept on increasing with the increasing exchange rates. To this date, the key components like the Engine, wiring, alloy rims, suspension, and other accessories are imported. The current exchange rate is much higher as compared to the previous which has resulted in Yamaha YBR125G 2023 becoming one of the most expensive 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan.

Yamaha YBR125G 2023 Price & Specs in Pakistan

Specs-wise Yamaha YBR125G 2023 comes with a 125cc square engine (same bore & same stroke). The motorcycle gets a 5-speed return shift gearbox along with a self-starter as modern utilities. The engine puts out 10.5 horsepower which is less as compared to the 12 horsepower of the Honda CG125. The engine on Yamaha YBR125G is very refined due to being overhead camshaft based and having a balancer shaft to iron out any vibrations.

Despite being expensive, with low horsepower, and consecutive quality complaints from the end consumers, the Yamaha YBR125G 2023 still remains a popular choice for many motorcycle enthusiasts. This is due to the huge after-market support and after-sales services available for Yamaha. Also, the company invested heavily in its end consumers through Yamaha riders club activities and much more.

As of today, Yamaha YBR125G 2023 costs over 4 lac rupees with registration and on-road taxes. The motorcycle is good but it is not worth 4lac rupees at all. Yamaha should start making it locally to keep costs down. This will also help in increasing sales as well.

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