Honda CD70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD70 is the entry-level Honda Motorcycle in Pakistan. For the last 4 decades, this motorcycle is ruling the roads like no other. Marketed as the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly motorcycle, Honda CD70 has a legacy. Many including me had Honda CD70 as their first motorcycle. Today we will look at Honda CD70 2023 price in Pakistan and analyze if it is worth buying or not.

Honda CD70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD70 was initially launched in Pakistan as C-70. It was a small and compact motorcycle with classic looks at that time. C-70 was later upgraded to CD70 and it was technologically enhanced. The old point ignition system was converted into a modern CDI system which is still being used. The design elements changed from round to rectangular, diamond-shaped, and are now more smoothened.

The design elements may have improved but the mechanical bits have not evolved as much. Though in 2021 Honda marketed its CD70 with 100+ changes. Still, it looked similar to its previous variants. The graphics have been updated every year and prices kept on changing too. As of now, Honda CD70 2023 price in Pakistan is 150,000 rupees which is way too much.

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For a motorcycle that is completely localized, the amount of all spare parts are pretty cheap. There are many vendors who have established their spare parts in the market and are of decent quality. The price of the Honda CD70 2023 should not be more than 50,000 rupees in Pakistan. Due to a lack of governance and any price regulatory authority, the prices kept on climbing. Another reason for its high prices is the inflation adjustment.

The company is definitely having a hard time selling its premium motorcycles. The loss is recovered by increasing the price of its top seller. This is happening in case of the Honda CD70. Realistically speaking, Honda CD70 2023 should be priced more realistically. The lowered prices will help in generating more sales and encouraging the company to export it to other developing countries as well.

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