Odysse Launches Vader Electric Motorcycle

Odysse Electric VADER, Simplest Electric Bike

Every day we see a new electric vehicle, is fossil fuel going extinct, or end consumers are bored of old gas-powered vehicles? The answer to this question is not that simple but we have the simplest electric bike for you. It’s Odysse Electric VADER and it is launched across the border in India. Here is what we know so far!

Odysse Launches Vader Electric Motorcycle

As we Pakistanis are currently in love with the EV Scooter application, it’s because our Electric bikes look dull, boring, and old. They have a poor perceived value as compared to their actual value and customers do not want to pay that much amount for them. In the case of Odysse Electric VADER, It looks like a muscular and macho motorcycle which means business but it is electric. There is no comparison between our local electric bikes like Jolta and Odysse Electric VADER.

The Odysse Electric VADER is manufactured in Gujrat, India. The perk of local manufacturing is a controlled price rate. The VADER is priced at 1 lac 9 thousand rupees only which is a very attractive price tag. On top of that, VADER has a complete warranty period and it is backed by a sound firm.VADER is equipped with a 3kw motor and its maximum performance is 4.5kw. The batteries are Lithium-ion and provide a range of 125 km with a top speed of 85 km.VADER claims a charging time of 04 hours only.

VADER not only looks like a macho bike it actually is. The dummy fuel tank serves as a storage space and the engine area serves as space for battery packs. VADER has two rear shocks and a standard fork. With a 240mm disc up front and a 220mm unit at the back, and CBS as standard, the alloy wheels front and rear are covered in MRF tyres. It is light at 128kg as compared to its other counterparts. The booking price of VADER is 999 INR and it will be delivered in July 2023.

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