EVEE C1 PRO, An improved Electric Scooter!

A couple of months back, we shared a new electric vehicle company in Pakistan by the name of EVEE. Their first product is C1 which is a full-size electric scooter. EVEE Electric launched the 1st batch of C1 in March for 175,000 rupees. We also covered the EVEE C1 launch and had a chance to ride it, everything was great but the batteries had room for improvement. We shared our feedback and guess what, EVEE Electric is launching EVEE C1 PRO, An improved electric scooter. Here is what we know.


As the name shows, C1 Pro is an improved and enhanced product. Technically speaking it is the same EVEE C1 but all its shortcomings are improved. Initially, the C1 was launched with a 1200-watt motor which was powered by a dry acid battery setup. C1 had a range of 65 km per charge and a top speed of 50 km. Dry acid batteries are not meant to be used in Electric vehicles because they have low efficiency, they also heat up a lot. In Pakistan, a few cases of overheated batteries were reported which resulted in a fire. Also, the performance of dry acid batteries also fades away with time.


At the time of review, the batteries were discussed and a month later we are pleased to announce that C1 PRO comes equipped with graphene batteries. There are many benefits of graphene batteries over dry acid and lithium-ion batteries. The two most valuable features of graphene batteries are that they can charge much quicker as compared to dry acid or lithium-ion batteries. Also, graphene batteries can store more energy in the same size as compared to dry acid or lithium-ion batteries.

EVEE C1 PRO gets an extended range as compared to C1. C1 Pro can go 95 km as compared to 60 km on the C1. Also, it charges quicker and comes with a space grey color option only so everyone knows you are riding the premium EVEE C1 PRO. The new and improved EVEE C1 PRO costs 30,000 more than the regular C1 but its worth it.


The bookings of EVEE C1 PRO are starting from 10th April 2023 and they will be available for deliveries in May 2023. Things are looking positive with this electric scooter. Let’s wait for its launch so we can ride it and share our opinion about it!

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