SIGMA Q4 EV is Finally Here

Sigma Motorsports is pioneer of introducing affordable chinese motorcycles in Pakistan and now they have another one under their belt, Sigma Motorsports has successfully launched an electric car in Pakistan which is called SIGMA Q4 EV. This small hatch back has some interesting features and clever drivetrain system.

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For starters its a proper 5 door hatchback and comes with beautiful set of alloy wheels as standard. The styling is elegant yet basic as its an entry level EV but this car is nothing short of any new hatchback in terms of styling. It gets some modern features like power mirrors, steering and windows. Some features which are even missing in most local manufactured cars.

Sigma Motors have not shared its price and they’re going for a proper launch very soon. We wish them best of luck with their new brave move and we will be covering this car for sure!

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