Cars Of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II passed away a few weeks back at Balmoral castle at the age of 96.Even though she has left this world, she also left a lot of memories. Queen has left many cars too, lets look at the Iconic car collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II in her car

land Rovers & Queen Elizabeth II

Though Queen was usually chauffeured around town but she had a deep connection with Land Rovers. It is said that Queen was always inclined towards British off roaders. Her most favorite Land Rover of all times was 2022 Land Rover Defender 110 TD5. Queen had also used a convertible Land Rover in the past during military exercises and national days.

Convertible Land Rover

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Luxury Sedans & Queen Elizabeth II

Other than the British off roaders, Queen also had a fleet of iconic British luxury sedans. The collection included Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Austin Martin. The Bentley state limo was Queen’s most favorite car to be chauffeured around. This vehicle was gifted to Queen on 50th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. The limo is fully armored and is powered by a powerful 6.7l V8 engine.

Queen Observing Military Exercise

Rolls Royce & Queen Elizabeth II

Before the addition of Bentley, Queen was chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce V & VI used to be part of Queen’s car collection in the past and were later returned to Rolls Royce. These are one of the few cars from the Iconic car collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

aston Martin & Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II also liked the Aston Martin car brand, She gifted an iconic Aston Martin to her grand son on his 21st birthday as well.

Queen Elizabeth II Drove her self?

Many people may think that the Royals may not drive them self around but thats not the case. Queen Elizabeth II was often spotted driving her own Land Rover and she was not accompanied by the extensive fleet of security guards like the ruler of developing countries do.

Queen driving her self

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