Atlas Honda History In Pakistan

Atlas Honda is a big name in our two-wheeler industry but they have a legacy of over half a century. Started in 1962 as Atlas Autos limited, they began to distribute Honda motorcycles in Pakistan. At that time our market was full of german and English motorcycle brands such as BSA, Triumph, BSA and Norton etc. Replacing them was not easy and hence Atlas Autos imported smaller capacity motorcycles for the masses and this began starting of a great journey. After the success of this idea they began manufacturing small cc motorcycles in their plant at Karachi. By 1970’s they were producing 19 thousand years per annum. In 1976 they launched the CD70 and CG125 which became so popular that they are still being produced.

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By the year 1982 they introduced another 100cc 2 stroke motorcycle by the name of MB 100 but if failed to get attention from our market, it was continued lately and they kept making CD70 and CG125 with minute changes. Atlas Autos brought fortune to Honda Motor Co as their motorcycles were being sold in a good number. In 1990 these two firms signed a merger and became Atlas Honda Limited. The tycoon of Pakistan’s motorcycle industry!

They kept on making CD 70 and CG125 and their parts in Pakistan. These motorcycles were 90 percent localized and they brought a whole vendor industry here. These bikes were also popular in Bangladesh, Srilanka, Afghanistan and middle east. By year 2006 they introduced CG125 Deluxe, a sporty motorcycle which unfortunately could not get the heights of sales like its elder brother the CG125 and later on discontinued few years after.

Atlas Honda was enjoying growing sales figures every year and in 2018 they sold over a million motorcycles but 2019 came with a bad luck for Pakistan’s economy and industry specially the automobile industry. Even though Atlas Honda has launched some good motorcycles this year but the sales aren’t as Impressive as last year. Lets hope things get better and this Tycoon makes some quality motorcycles. The journey of Atlas autos to Atlas Honda is summed up here.

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