Motorcycle insurance in Pakistan

Motorcycle insurance in Pakistan

Have you ever heard about motorcycle insurance in Pakistan? Or any of your friends have insured their motorcycle? Probably not because Motorcycle insurance in Pakistan is not so common. Lets have a look at motorcycle insurance options in Pakistan and find out if it is beneficial or not.

what is Motorcycle Insurance:

Motorcycle / Bike Insurance is a contract between bike owner and insurance company which provides financial coverage to the individual against loss or damage due to any accident or theft. Insurance covers the financial damages which may occur while riding a motorcycle / bike.

Honda CG125 2023
Honda CG125, Most stolen motorcycle in Pakistan

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Motorcycle insurance in Pakistan:

There is no obligation to have motorcycle insurance in Pakistan, neither motorcycle showrooms nor the government no one has ever shared or discussed the benefits of having insurance. Majority of motorcycle users think insurance is a waste of money but in real it is a security for them.

A comprehensive insurance is effective in following conditions and saves the owner from damages caused by:

  • Accidents
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Riots
  • Malicious act
  • Weather conditions and others

Motorcycle insurance is very effective in Pakistan , specially in cities like Karachi where motorcycles are stolen and thefts happen on gun point. Having motorcycle insurance will help in recovering the amount. There are many different motorcycle insurance firms but none of them has marketed this issue as well.

Which motorcycle insurance to go for?

There are a number of insurance companies who are offering their services for motorcycle insurance, these companies are EFU Life insurance, Jubilee Life Insurance and others. It is always a wise choice to compare different motorcycle insurances. For instance, I have tried to compare two different insurances for my motorcycle on line and here are the results.

Motorcycle Insurances Comparisons


Its our faith that no harm can be done unless Allah wishes it to happen, like wise insurance is just an additional peace of mind in modern chaotic situations.

Motorcycle insurance in Pakistan

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