Honda CG125 new model 2023 price in pakistan

Honda has recently launched its 125cc motorcycles for 2023. These motorcycles are now available on Honda showrooms across Pakistan. Lets look in to these motorcycles in detail and find out what are the prices for Honda CG125 new model 2023 prices in Pakistan.

Honda CG125 2023

Honda CG125 2023
Honda CG125 2023

The Honda CG125 is probably most popular motorcycle in Pakistan, this motorcycle is popular due to its thrilling ride, sheer pick up and loud sound. Honda CG125 has a 12 hp engine and it weighs just under 100kgs. CG125 is available in two colors, Red and Black but Red one is more popular. Honda CG125 new model price in Pakistan is 179,900 rupees.

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Honda CG125 Self 2023(Special Edition)

Honda CG125 Self 2023
Honda CG125 Self

The Honda CG125 Self or SE (Special Edition) was launched in market to compete Yamaha YB125Z. CG125SE has some additional features but still it is a classic version like CG125. 125 Self has a 12hp engine with 5 speed gear box and a self starter motor. Other than that it gets slightly better wheel drums to stop it efficiently. This too is available in Red and Black with chrome side covers and different stickers. CG125 Self 2023 new model price in Pakistan is 210,900 rupees.

Honda CB125F 2023

Honda CB125F

Though its the premium 125 cc variant from Honda but it uses the same engine as CG125 Self starter variant. This motorcycle is recently launched in a special color for Pakistan’s 75th celebration year. The motorcycle gets a premium styling to compete Yamaha YBR’s but it still has a long way to go. Honda CB125F 2023 new model price in Pakistan is 273,900 rupees.

Are they worth buying?

To be honest, every thing in Pakistan is expensive these days. These motorcycles too are selling way above they are worth. Honda motorcycles should be made locally, that is the only way to have a much affordable motorcycle.


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