2023 Honda CG125 revealed

No motorcycle has achieved the popularity among the masses as Honda CG125. Every young boy wants to have this thrilling machine. 2023 Honda CG125 is yet to reach showrooms but some images have leaked and it’s making buzz in motorcycle scene. What’s new in the 2023 Honda CG125, let’s have a look.

new graphics

The only thing which separates an old Honda from a new one is the graphics on fuel tank and side covers. The 2023 model gets new graphics again . This time though Honda has failed to impress many as the graphics are same just green color is added. Honda CD70 2023 has also received graphic upgrade few days earlier.

same old engine

Apart from new graphics it’s mechanically identical to previous model. The engine frame and body panels are also the same. Though this is rather a unique selling point of this motorcycle but many bike enthusiasts now seem to disagree.

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why fix it if it ain’t broke

For decades Honda has not changed the CG125. Even it’s 2023 seems like 2001 except for euro 2 and some other minute changes. Along side CG125, they had launched many other 125cc bikes but all of them failed to sell like CG125 does.

No high hopes

Realistically, Honda will never change the theme of CG125 classic and it will keep on getting new graphics every year with a new price tag. Localization has been done to this machine but still it’s correlated with dollar prices.


For many Honda CG125 is like an old wine which gets better with time but in actual it is an out dated motorcycle which really needs an upgrade in looks, performance and features. Lets hope it happens soon.

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