World’s first Flying Motorcycle

A Japanese startup has made our fantasy of flying motorcycle true, Xturismo the world’s first flying motorcycle or Hover bike has made it’s debut on Detroit Auto show this Thursday. This is world’s first proper flying motorcycle and it was also demonstrated later after the show.

Xturismo Hover bike

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Xturismo or the hover bike is a vehicle which is capable of flying UpTo 40 minutes and can achieve top speed of 62 miles an hour. This hover bike is already available for sale in Japan but the company has plans to bring it to USA with a smaller version in 2023.

Xturismo Hover bike

Xturismo Price?

Hover bike currently costs about 770,000$ and company is planing to develop an affordable option . Also they have plans for developing electric variant as well.

Aerwin technologies, the company behind world’s first flying motorcycle has made a fantasy true. Many kudos to them for making a dream reality. Motorcycles are flying now, what a time to be alive!

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