When to Tune Your Motorcycle?

There is no denying that motorcycle tuning really helps with the good performance and fuel efficiency of your motorcycle but the question remains WHEN to tune your motorcycle? After 1000 kms or every month? Lets break it down.

Usually motorcycle manufacturers are blamed with early tuning calls so that they can sell their consumables more but thats not the case. A manufacturer knows what’s best for its machine and how long it can work before necessary service is due. Thats how we get company suggested service intervals for vehicles which are pretty realistic in my opinion.

Personally I hate the idea of tuning every month, what I follow is the odometer of my motorcycle and every time it turns 1500 to 1800 kms I visit my mechanic for tuning. My personal suggestion to all of you would be to follow company specified service intervals or visit your mechanic after every 1500 to 1800 kms because this will keep your machine happy and you even happier!

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