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Usually you have seen me complaining about the lack of modern motorcycles in Pakistan by the big three. This gap was being filled by Chinese motorcycles very quickly but 90 percent of those were replicas and knock offs. They only looked modern and they were hiding old frames, engines and many issues underneath. This gave a very bad reputation to Chinese motorcycle industry which isn’t true. All Chinese manufacturers are not bad; we have to make a distinction over here. Let me share one such emerging Chinese motorcycles manufacturer, Lifan.

Lifan Motorcycles has a great story, initially started as a 9 men motorcycle workshop in 1992 no one thought they will ever make a mark in automotive industry but they did. In year 2005 they began to manufacture automobiles. Their product is just not limited to motorcycles only as they are manufacturing passenger cars, micro vans , dirt bikes, motorcycles, mini vehicles and commercial trucks. In year 2005 it became 5th largest Chinese motorcycle manufacturing company.

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One thing that is always feared with Chinese products are quality, it is thought that they are of inferior quality but in Lifan’s case its otherwise. Lifan has worked with Daihatsu on one of its light duty trucks and even worked with Italian Motorcycle manufacturer MV Augusta. Lifan’s product range is very versatile from small motorcycles to commercial vehicles they have it all.

The key success point of Lifan is their entry and mid-level sports bikes. Lifan’s R&D department has worked over and above to make a distinction, Surprising they did that too. The legendary Lifan LF 200 engine is incredible as it puts out 17 hp and very peppy. Somehow Lifan has managed to squeeze great power out of that small engine and it is widely used in many different applications.

Now you might be thinking what do we have to do with it? Lifan has factories in Vietnam, Turkey and Thailand but not in Pakistan. However in Pakistan they have an authorized distributer based at Lahore. You already know about Rapid Rides. State of the art motorcycle showroom with all the facilities under one roof. Rapid Rides are committed to introduce quality motorcycles at fair prices and they even have a leasing mechanism too. Finally someone is seriously putting efforts to develop a healthy motorcycle culture in Pakistan.

Rapid Rides has many motorcycles to offer, in fact they have a new motorcycle for a new kind of buyer. Interested to know what they’re offering? Stay tuned for the next blog!

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