Superpower Cheetah

Superpower Cheetah is a 110cc motorcycle available with good styling and numerous features. This motorcycle has been around for 5 to 6 years now and haven’t received any major update.

Initially launched for around 80k, now it is for sale at a whooping 133k(price referee by auto mark magazine as Company website has no such info). Is it worth it for 133k? Let’s find out.

Cheetah has all the good things but power.It is a slow and sluggish machine equipped with plenty of features but sadly no match in performance. The extra weight makes it extremely slow and feels like dragging too much weight. Due to this issue the fuel efficiency isn’t very good and not to mention the parts availability issue is also there.

People like all show and no go in our country how ever i will prefer Pridor over this Cheetah every time.

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