Bangladesh to Launch First locally made Vehicle in 2021

BANGLADESH is One of the emerging economies from south Asia and it has a decent automotive sector, According to a research 83% of its population has some sort of personal vehicle to commute, motorcycles definitely make a big number in this percentage.

Bangladesh used to have almost same vehicles like TOYOTA SUZUKI HONDA as we have in Pakistan. We can say that they also suffered from LACK OF BUYING options like us but the Minister of Industries, Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun shared in an interview that Bangladesh is going to Launch First locally made Vehicle in 2021

This is a very healthy statement and being an automotive journalist I really appreciate Bangladesh on answering the question about locally made vehicle. The Minister also said that Pragati Industries, will start manufacturing the cars locally next year, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation.
The Automobile Industry Development Policy 2020 will be finalized very soon. We will start making cars in Bangladesh from next year.

The good point would be to take inspiration from Bangladesh and develop something in Pakistan for Pakistanis. I am not asking about any E-Vehicle, we can make a simple 4 wheeler with decent specs and proudly say that THIS CAR IS MADE IN OUR BELOVED PAKISTAN

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