Perfect motorcycle for use in pakistan

How to choose your perfect motorcycle !

What motorcycle to buy? which motorcycle is my perfect choice?where shall i invest my money into?which brand? All of these and many other questions will be answered in this blog and hopefully you ll be more equipped when you ll go to purchase your new motorcycle by following this five step guide.

  • Price

This is usually the last step but in Pakistan its actually the first one and before anything we consider price.No matter features engine type and build may be different but a cheap motorcycle is always the first choice of our people. Set a budget and keep some cash extra on top. You many need to buy some accessories and get your new motorcycle registered.

  • Engine Type

The second most important thing is motorcycle engine type, not every motorcycle is going to be efficient and this efficiency depends a lot on the engine. Having OHV engine type motorcycle and expecting it to be comfortable is not going to work, You will need OHC for that matter. So before you buy, study your requirements.

  • Top Speed & Fuel Efficiency

These two things can not be found at the same place and at the same time but people here want that. They think that a motorcycle should be fast and fuel efficient at the same time but they are inversely proportionate. Still one can find a motorcycle which could these two things a little better.

  • Maintenance Cost 

Motorcycles which are cheaper to run and maintain are more popular than others, such motorcycles are actually people’s motorcycles. Keep the maintenance cost in mind because motorcycles are bound to give trouble.

  • Brand Value & Re sale

Brand value is very important in Pakistan because we think of reselling before we even purchase, we think of preserving it for next buyer and choose not to enjoy it to its limits. More popular and typical brands enjoy a higher resale value in second hand market so if you are planning to sell you bike after some time, plan accordingly.


These were the five steps which would definitely help in making the right decision of choosing a better and perfect motorcycle for your needs!

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