Motorcycles are becoming un Affordable!

According to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country has recently become one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. Sadly, we don’t believe that’s the reason. We’ll do our best to clarify that for you guys in this article.

The economic strength of any country lies in its ability to move around. When it comes to automobile manufacturing and export, take a look at Japan. You can always find a Toyota, whether you’re in the United States or some less developed African country. While there are many motorcycles in Pakistan compared to other countries, this does not mean that the country is doing well.

There was a time when the cost of gasoline was under 100 rupees per litre, but now that things have gotten out of control (inflation, currency exchange rates, etc.), I’ve decided to ride my motorcycle instead of my car for my daily commutes.

Motorcycle demand is on the rise because many car owners are making the switch from four-wheeled vehicles to two-wheeled vehicles in order to save money.

In the short term, this phenomenon will benefit the motorcycle industry, but where will customers go if motorcycles are overpriced? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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