Lifan KPT 200

As the motorcycle touring culture is increasing in Pakistan, so is the growing demands of a powerful touring motorcycle without breaking the bank. The adventure motorcycles available in Pakistan are not budget friendly or are they? I have an adventure motorcycle to share with you guys and you won’t be robbing a bank to buy it. Behold the Lifan KPT 200, adventure motorcycling on a budget!

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KPT200 is an entry level motorcycle with many features and things to offer. The best thing is its engine; the NBFII 200cc Water cooled engine is equipped with efi system. This machine makes 17 hp and 16.5nm of torque. The engine is built with light weight pistons and engine internals, the built in engine balancer shaft helps it to reduce the vibrations and increase engine life. Mated with a 6 speed gear transmission it can cruise along highway speeds easily. With a fuel tank capacity of 14ltrs, it can easily do 500 kms in one fuel tank.

KPT 200 has a European design; the body size is adequate and decently proportioned. It is Equipped with modern features like Led headlight, digital display and ABS.It comes with USD front forks and adjustable rear mono shock, the rider seat is wide and comfortable for long hauls. The aluminum handle bars and foot pegs are set up in a way that riders triangle is only focused on riders comfort to cover more distance. The 17 inch alloy wheels are wrapped in decent quality CST tires and with 100 section front and 130 section rear tires the road grip is decent to tackle both road and off road conditions. Not to mention the 300mm front and 280mm rear discs can drop the anchor whenever required. The ABS makes sure you never loose traction and stays safe in emergency situations.
KPT has the power, it has the looks of an adventure bike but the best thing it has small features like adventure bikes too. The USB port helps you to keep your equipment charged while you’re on the move. Front visor provides wind protection and the engine guard helps to avoid any damages in case of a fall.
Overall as a package, KPT 200 seems a much decent option, it not only meets the requirements of off road but also blends in during city rides. It’s the type of motorcycle that will take you to work 5 days a week and take you on adventures on weekends. So when are you getting your adventure bike? When are you getting your KPT200? It’s readily available at Rapid Rides on cash and easy installments. Contact Rapid Rides to ride the mighty KPT 200.

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