Why our electric bikes look old?

Pakistan is undergoing an electric bikes revolution. Everyone is going electric bikes crazy and many companies are developing electric bikes locally in Pakistan but our majority bikes are old school both looks and features wise.

Jolta electric bikes are being locally developed in Pakistan. These bikes are based on chassis of locally manufactured 70cc bikes and being sold. These bikes are replica of Honda CD70 and have never been changed ever since.

From Jolta electric point of view,they have done the right thing. Their bikes are more easily accepted in the market as compared to other electric bikes but they have made a mistake. Being a new invention it must have had its own design philosophy but these things don’t work here. The bike should must look a little different and stand out.

Recently in India the Jawa electric bikes are being developed. The retro bike is getting a new life with an electric heart. The Jawa electric looks retro but has a new flavor. That’s how we want Jolta electric bikes to be.

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