World’s fastest 250

A 70hp, turbocharged Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R‼️

It’s modified by Trick Star, a Japanese tuning house, who weren’t satisfied with the stock 43hp output. So they took it upon themselves to make the ZX-25R even more menacing.
They fabricated a custom turbocharging system to bring the power up to 70hp (69.13hp on the dyno).

The other changes include:
? 15/43-tooth sprockets (stock are 14/50)
? Custom exhaust
? Custom head gasket
? Reduced compression ratio

Result? A top speed of 225kmph (217.85kmph on the GPS), on a quarter-litre sportsbike! To put that into perspective, the stock Kawasaki Ninja 650 has a top speed of 212kmph. Let that sink in.

PC: YoungMachine

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