Qingqi launches E bikes in Pakistan

Plum Qingqi Motors is a Chinese based motorcycle manufacturing company working in Pakistan. Initially they did launched 100cc motorcycles but than began developing them for commercial use only( used in rickshaws known as Qingqi Rickshaw).

The Qingqi Motors tried to launch few good dual purpose motorcycle back in 2015/16 but that idea never made to masses. The company kept selling it’s 3 wheelers but now it’s about to revive it’s self with electric bikes.

Plum Qingqi Motors has showcased two variants (100 and 125cc size) with 1500 kw hub motor and batteries. There is no information on type of batteries and the quality of them. These batteries usually don’t last long and of cheaper quality.

Other than these things the e bike gets a disc setup at rear(assuming that it would be a more powerful motor than Jolta Electric bikes) Overall motorcycle looks like electric motor installed in a different chassis but we can say that it looks acceptable.

Not much information is shared by Plum Qingqi Motors as usual, the motorcycle manufacturing companies from Pakistan tend to think that Motorcycle Journalist may harm them which isn’t true in anyway. However we wish the best to Plum Qingqi Motors with the e bike.

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