Best Spark plug for your motorcycle

Every petrol powered engine requires a spark to ignite the air fuel mixture and turn petrol in to power, the spark plugs are available in different types and categories. Let’s look at each of them in detail and discuss what’s best for your vehicle.

Copper Spark Plugs:

The copper Spark Plugs come standard with most motorcycles around the world. They have a copper electrode inside them and it’s used for some obvious reasons. The major reason is copper plugs are cheaper to use as compared to other options and that’s why they’re used.

Iridium Spark Plugs:

Iridium Spark Plugs are also known as IX spark plugs as well. These spark plugs have Iridium electrode in them which is one of the toughest metal on earth . These plugs have a higher life span and they’re know to last many times more than copper ones. These plugs are expensive than copper ones and used in high end automobiles.

Platinum Spark Plugs:

These spark plugs use a platinum based electrode in them and they’re also known for having a longer life span than copper plugs but have a less life span than iridium spark plugs. The Platinum spark plugs are used in hot temperatures as they can handle the heat better.

Which is the best Spark plug for my vehicle:

Spark plugs have direct effect over the fuel combustion and they can effect positive or negative over the vehicle performance. The best Spark plug for a commuter vehicle are copper ones as they are cheap to maintain, they ensure good fuel efficiency and they’re manufacturer specific.

What spark plugs are you using in your vehicle? Let us know.

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