Hi Speed Alpha 100

Hi Speed Alpha was launched in 2018 by Hi Speed Motorcycles. This motorcycle was launched as a competitor to Honda’s Pridor 100.Over the years Alpha 100 received many slight changes. Now the Alpha 100 is available in 2 variants, Drum brakes and Disc brakes variants. The Alpha 100 is rarely seen on the roads but it is much popular in Karachi , Hyderabad and surroundings. Lets have a look what Hi Speed Alpha 100 has to offer.

Hi Speed Alpha 100

Hi Speed Alpha Specs & Features

Alpha 100 is probably Pakistan’s only fully loaded 100 cc motorcycle. Alpha has a sporty and stylish design but it is a commuter motorcycle. Based on a dual cradle frame and a single cylinder Over Head Cam based engine it has a smoother ride to offer. The suspension on Alpha 100 are also on the softer side, the rear suspension is also adjustable. Other than that it comes equipped with Alloy wheels, disc brake, Dipper, Kill switch , gear position indicators and much more. These features are non existent in Honda Pridor 100. Alpha 100 has a good wheelbase and decent weight (103kgs) which ensures a smooth planted ride. The engine is a carb based 4speed 100cc unit with self starter.

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Hi Speed Alpha price

Though the recent economical conditions have effected motorcycle prices badly but Hi Speed has still managed to sell their Alpha 100 at price tag of 135,000 rupees. There is no other 100cc motorcycle in the market which is offering so many features on this price point.

Honda Pridor or Hi Speed Alpha

There is no denying that the Honda Pridor is built better than Hi Speed Alpha but it is not a flimsy motorcycle at all. In fact it is decently put together motorcycle which has a lot to offer on lesser price. Alpha 100 costs 25,000 less than Pridor and has many features which Honda does not offer. If Hi Speed offers Alpha 100 in a better way, with complete support and after sale services it can really bag good sales.

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