The Retro Craft’s CG125 BOBBER

Rusty old CG125 to a custom build

In Pakistan we don’t have a mature custom motorcycle scene.Usually changing the exhaust to a hedious sounding one is considered a customization here.This act has earned this work of art a bad reputation here but still there are some diamonds here who shine even in the dark.

Two young energetic boys team up to form a self taught custom motorcycle making team, they call themselves TEAM RETRO CRAFTS and their builds are common 70 and 125cc motorcycles which lack imagination and very limited access to modifications.

Vision can take you places and make you do things that no one would realize.They had a vision, they took an old beat up CG125 and transformed it into one of a kind custom bobber!

They did a numerous modifications to the machine and some of them are listed here
1- Mono shock suspension
2- fat tire kit with 18 inch wider rims and spokes with tubeless tires.
3- extended swing arm and chain sprockets and extended break rods.
4- lets talk about seat, seat is been taken from Piaggio’s Vespa and been customized to our perspectives
5- and the last but not the least customized paint job.

The more i see the more i get amazed! GODSPEED brothers,GODSPEED!

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