Rides in Summer? A bad idea or a do able idea?

It is said that there is no season for riding, its all about the will and the urge to ride. If you are having an urge to ride, than you should. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter. A rider is always looking for an excuse to ride. Today we will be sharing some tips on how to ride safely in summers without being too hot or getting ill.

Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated

It is highly recommended to stay hydrated while you ride. Keeping fresh clean water is always necessary. Take frequent water breaks and drink plenty of water. During riding you will sweat a lot but this sweat will keep you cool inside your riding jacket.

Say no to tea & coffee:

NO Coffee
NO Coffee

It seems hard to resist tea and coffee for a biker but sometimes its necessary. The caffeine in tea and coffee will dehydrate you and thats the last thing you will want to happen with you during a ride. so skip the hot beverages.

Ride Times:

Ride at dawn or dusk

On road temperature during peak hours may cross 49 degrees, it is highly recommended to start early in the morning or later in the night. This will help you ride for a longer period of time and in good weather you will also enjoy the ride.

Pre Ride Inspections:

Pre ride inspection

Before setting off, do check your motorcycle thoroughly before leaving. If something is wrong , you will easily take care of it before leaving and won’t be left stranded on the road. Have a look on some of the pre ride inspections and share them with your friends.

These few things will help you ride safe and ride longer with peace of mind and let you turn time into beautiful memories.

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