#improve_suzuki_gs150_quality GOES TRENDING

Usually Pakistani consumers try to accept and make use of what ever product they are getting but at times the consumers work together and retaliate. Some dis satisfied users of Suzuki GS 150 got together and started a trend at twitter and Social media on their posts regarding poor quality of Suzuki GS 150.

This movement was fueled by a person called “GS HELPER” Who is a blogger and helps people who own Suzuki GS150 about tuning and maintaining there motorcycles by themselves. GS Helper is known for his sarcastic posts and good DIY projects.

This twitter trend is not a bad thing, being an end consumer its always the right of consumer to get good quality product against the money he is paying. Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150 SE are loved by a large number of people due to their powerful engines but at the same hated for rusting issues, paint quality and wiring quality issues.
Lets hope Pak Suzuki accepts its flaws and other manufacturers get careful because UNITY IS STRENGTH and a united bunch of motorcycle owners can really knock down companies reputation.

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