2022 Yamaha YBR125G New Color introduced & Price increased

This just came in today, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has increased its 2022 Yamaha YBR125G price again which is effective from 22nd February 2022. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has been increasing its prices over the last couple of years and now the motorcycle costs around 232,500 now.

2022 Yamaha YBR125G Prices

The new catchy point of Yamaha YBR125G is going to be the all new Dark Greenish (Matt Green / Military Green Color) This new color will be available for 235,000 rupees and it should be reaching showrooms soon.

2022 Yamaha YBR125G

The Motorcycle is only 125cc cross over available in Pakistan but at this price point it is getting very expensive for a 125 cc motorcycle.

What do you think of this price hike and new variant introduction? Do Let us know.


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