Super Star Scrambler 150

Hi Speed Infinity 150 or Super Star Scrambler 150

We have just rolled in 2023 with new excitement and wishes to have more motorcycles. Memon Motors (Super Star Motorcycles) has recently launched its Super Start Scrambler 150 in Pakistan in the new year. The Scrambler 150cc is a neo-retro, it looks classic but it has new and has the latest features to offer. In this article, we are going to compare it with its competitor, the Hi-Speed Infinity 150cc Cafe racer.

The looks, HiSpeed 150 or Scrambler 150:

HiSpeed Infinity 150 Caferacer

Looks wise both these motorcycles fall in the Neo-Retro category, This means that they look old but they are new. Also, they both pay homage to old school modification culture of Cafe Racers and Scramblers. Both of them are of Chinese origin (probably Zongshen) and have a lot of similarities. Both have similar paint colors and graphics (Dull and retro styling). Honestly, both motorcycles look attractive and treat a specific audience. In looks, both bikes are good.

Super Star Scrambler 150
Super Star Scrambler 150

The Specs, HiSpeed 150 or Scrambler 150:

Specs-wise these bikes are also similar. The main difference is the posture. Scrambler has slightly different styling, different handlebar, and seat which accommodates well for a long sprint. The Caferacer is compact and has aggressive styling for short in-city rides. The scrambler has semi analog speedo meter while the Hi-speed comes with all analog instrument clusters. The other specs seem pretty much similar. The engine size is similar with a 5-speed gearbox.

Super Star Scrambler 150
Super Star Scrambler 150

The Features, HiSpeed 150 or Scrambler 150:

Features-wise, the Scrambler wins over the Hispeed. The scrambler gets everything similar to a Hi-Speed cafe racer but the rear disc setup is a huge upgrade for the scrambler. Now a good rider can enjoy his scrambler off the road and go on tours as it was actually made for back in the day.

Hi Speed Infinity walk around
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The Price:

Price is going to be one of the key factors if Scrambler 150 wants to leave a mark in the automobile world. The price of the Scrambler 150 is 295,000 rupees which is one of the most well-priced motorcycles these days in Pakistan. The Hi-Speed Infinity is retailing for 315,000 rupees and it seems like now it has some competition too. Super Star also has 70,100&125cc motorcycles to offer.

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