History of Honda CG125 in Pakistan

The Honda CG125 is a popular motorcycle that has a long history in Pakistan. It was first introduced to the Pakistani market in the 1970s and has since become one of the most successful and widely used motorcycles in the country.

CG125 1970’s

The CG125 is a motorcycle that was originally designed and produced by Honda Motor Company in Japan. It was first introduced in the 1970s as a smaller and more affordable alternative to Honda’s larger and more expensive motorcycles. The CG125 was designed to be a reliable and durable motorcycle that was suitable for both urban and rural environments.

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CG125 1980’s

The motorcycle quickly gained popularity in Pakistan due to its low price and reliability. It became a popular choice for both commuters and farmers, who used it for transportation and for working on their farms. The CG125 was also popular among young people, who used it as a means of transportation to and from school and work.

CG125 Deluxe

Over the years, the CG125 has undergone several updates and improvements. In the 1980s, Honda introduced the CG125 Deluxe, which featured a more powerful engine and improved suspension. In early 2000, Honda introduced the CG125 Deluxe, which was a sportier version. In late 2000 Honda introduced Euro II which featured a more fuel-efficient engine and met the stricter emissions standards that were introduced in Pakistan at the time.

CG125 Dream

In the 2000s, Honda introduced the CG125 Dream, which featured a more modern and stylish design. This model was aimed at a younger, more fashion-conscious market and became very popular among young people in Pakistan.

Honda CG125
Honda CG125

In recent years, Honda has continued to update and improve the CG125, introducing new models such as the CG125 Self, which features an electric starter and self-starter, making it even more convenient and easy to use.

Honda CG125SE

Today, the CG125 is one of the most popular motorcycles in Pakistan. It is widely used by commuters and farmers, as well as by young people who use it for transportation and leisure. The motorcycle is not low priced but its reliability, and durability have made it a popular choice for many people in Pakistan, and it is likely to continue to be a popular choice for many years to come.

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