Super Star Scrambler 150

Super Star Motorcycle launches 150cc Scrambler in 2023

As the calendar has changed to 2023, we also wished for changes in Pakistan’s 2-wheeler industry. Lucky for us, Super Star Motorcycles also known as Memon Motors has softly launched a 150cc scrambler. This is the first time they have introduced a 150cc imported motorcycle in their lineup. Earlier they are selling 70,100 and 125cc motorcycles. Let’s have a look at the new Scrambler 150.

Scrambler 150 from Super Star

Super Star Scrambler 150:

It looks like Super Star 150cc feels like a modified Ravi Piaggio or Hi-Speed Infinity. The motorcycle seems to come from Zongshen or any other reputed Chinese motorcycle manufacturer. Not many details are available about the Scambler 150 but it seems solid. Unlike Hi Speed Infinity it has a scrambler handle bar, a much flat scrambler seat, and 18-inch rims with much suspension travel. The most obvious difference is the addition of a rear disc brake, Those who always wanted a rear disc have now got it in Super Star scrambler 150.

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Scrambler 150 by Super Star

Sometimes, the Scambler 150 looks like Yamaha XSR150 but it is a bit different. It has a simple OHV 150CC engine and a 5-speed gearbox. All the other equipment like self-starter, speed o meter, handle grips and others come as standard equipment. The motorcycle is available in a number of colors and feels like a bigger motorcycle.

Scrambler 150 by Super Star

The irony is that many motorcycle manufacturers like Memon motors like to test the product in the market first and then import it in more quantity. The brand needs to be pushed into the market through various efforts and marketing techniques that are not utilized in this case. Hence the product fails most of the time even if it is of good quality as well. Also not sharing any expert reviews is a downside for these brands as it is much easier for them to cater to a well-paying motorcycle enthusiast audience.

Super Star Scrambler 150

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