Crown Electric Scooter

Crown Motorcycle to launch Electric Scooters

Crown Motorcycles, A local motorcycle manufacturer based in Karachi is known for selling its spare parts across Pakistan. They have a slightly different approach because initially they focused on the spare parts and made them available across the country. Once they were known in the local market, they launched their motorcycles. Now Crown is looking to launch its electric scooters as Electric vehicles are too much popular in Pakistan these days.

Crown Electric Scooters:

Crown Motorcycles has 03 different scooters displayed online on their Facebook page. Though the technical details are mentioned, the price is missing. Crown Motorcycles are targeting females and elderly people who are looking for an affordable urban mobility solution. Nowadays our government is also focused on empowering electric bikes and diverting the public towards them. The government aims to save a lot of foreign reserves by doing this and discouraging petrol-powered motorcycles.

Crown Electric Scooter Variants:

The Crown electric scooters are available in 3 different variants. They are available in different sizes and power outputs. The smallest of them is a cute red urban mobility scooter. The price details are kept a top secret by Crown Motorcycles but technical information is shared.


This scooter is actually an electric moped. It comes with paddles too if the battery goes off, you can pedal and reach the destination. The e-moped has a range of 28 kilometers only and comes with a Topspeed of 30kmph. It has a 48v12ah battery and it takes 5 hours to charge. The battery is a 350-watt unit. From the specs, it does not look much impressive and should only be focused on grocery getting or roaming around your neighborhood. The price should be around 100k only.

Crown E Scooter

The second scooter is more powerful and scooter-looking in terms of shape and looks. It has a range of 48 kilometers and comes with a Topspeed of 50kmph. The battery is a 48v22ah unit and takes 5 hours to charge. The battery pack is removable and swappable with another battery. It has a more powerful 650-watt motor. The price should be around 170,000 judging by the looks and specs.

Crown E Scooty

The third scooter is the most powerful among all of these. Technical information is not shared and this is criminal negligence of the company. End consumers are not briefed at all about what they are getting into. The only thing mentioned is that it has an 850-watt motor. It looks like it has the same battery specs as the above scooter. 200k seems a fair price for it.

Crown Electric Scooter


Our local motorcycle manufacturers seem too excited about the new electric vehicle trend. They usually neglect important bits such as spare parts, after-sale services, and complete details. Also sorting out the battery charging facilities is a un answered question.

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