Can a CAR be your first love?

When it comes to word “Love” most dictionaries describe it as “an intense feeling of deep affection” and for most of the time Cinematic flics describe it as an attraction between two Genders i.e. Man loves woman and vice versa with sexual attractions included.

But in this Article, we are talking about rare species of humans who have generic attractions to the opposite sex but events impacted their childhood which lead to most of them having found memories of cars. Love for Cars is not one develops there are many wealthy collectors who collect insanely priced cars just to show your wealth no we are also not talking about them. The Group in focus is the guys who fell in love with a car as a child. Car can be any car from a Ferrari to a Honda Civic or even a Lada.

Mostly cars to common people are a mode of transport or a sign to show some ones wealth but for these car lovers who have fallen in love with a car year ago they strive hard to own that car just thinking about that car makes them smile or even release stress and most people hate mechanics or repairing cars as its costly but for these guys that one car comes first yes even before their Girlfriends and sometimes family too. That sense of attachment sometimes turns an old rusty shitbox into a labor of love. With fully restored car some modify them to suit their own taste and keep these cars tip top condition. Some normal people judge them like they are poor have one car for life but in reality, most of them keep it just for that love factor we have seen breakups on the bases of these cars, some even claim to take these cars to the grave or pass it on to a family member to take care of it after they die. Car accidents kill people but there is a chance it might save you why these guys get attached to their dream car one thing is car provides sense of freedom and when they see it after a stressful day take a drive enjoy it all tension and depression is released its like an addiction quest for keeping your beloved car in great condition also many women not all nag and make life miserable so cars are tad bit better.

The article is written by Ehsan Khalil who is an automotive geek and loves 4 wheels

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