The legend of Suzuki Mehran

Well who does not know Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan? I mean we have grown up with this car. Launched in 1989 world wide as Suzuki Alto second generation this little 4 door hatch back came to Pakistan and ever since then it became a part of the landscape. Where ever you go you ll find one. It almost felt like this lil car is immortal but lucky for us Suzuki discontinued it. Thankfully!

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Mehran is renowned for its simple construction ease of maintenance and great resale value. The car has no features to brag about but it is one of the longest production cars of Pakistan. The production span lasted over 28 years. Its our model A!

Mehran has 796cc engine which produces around 34 horsepower and its mated to a 4 speed gear box. Earlier models were carburetor based and in later years it was coming as electronically fuel injection. We just loved the Mehran how it was and even till today it enjoys a great value.




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