2020 Energica Eva Ribelle

Naked Motorcycles has never been so much fun before but than,2020 Energica Eva Ribelle steps in.

Sometimes you want aggressive with a little more of an urban vibe. Or you want an assertive riding position without assuming the full race bike crouch. Maybe you won’t spend as much time on the track or long highway sweepers, but more on tight country roads. Or you’re riding to work every day and want to walk in with a smile on your face.

But: you don’t want to give up on power or torque, or get shorted on style and technology. Yet for certain you don’t want to add to the pollution of the urban environment.
That’s what the Eva Ribelle is: a hard-edged performance motorcycle for rebels riders.

The Energica electric street fighter fits this bill perfectly. It has the same linear 215 Nm torque at the Ego, the same 21.5 kW long-range lithium-ion battery with up to 400 km of city range, the same suspension and performance options, and all of the technological amenities.
It’s the only electric naked bike with DC Fast Charge, filling up with over 6 km urban range for every minute spent DC Charging – faster by at least 82% than any other electric bike.

POWER: 107 kW – 145 hp
TORQUE: 215 Nm – 159 ft lb
TOP SPEED: 200 km/h – 125 mph

Instant acceleration, sustained power, longer range. And more grins.
The Eva riding position is more upright than the Ego but still assertive, as befits a true street fighter. Foot peg position is precisely the same; but handlebars are much wider and straighter, with a higher vantage point and field of vision. A slightly lower seat height also makes the Eva the ideal electric street fighter for urban riding or commuting in heavy traffic.

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