Dangerous Habits of Motorcycle riders!

I am a motorcyclist by passion and profession, this statement is important to share now because what i am about to write in this blog may hurt sentiments of so called Biker Boys!Majority of motorcyclists are often seen making these mistakes and they can be dangerous.If you have these dangerous habits as motorcycle rider, you need to stop right now!

Probably the best Honda 125 we ever have
Helmet is not everything!
Most motorcyclists think that if they’re wearing helmet only, they are following the law and they are the most safest person on road but reality is opposite to it. I observe so many motorcyclists who are wearing helmets but they still ride recklessly and don’t bother to put any other safety gear on like gloves or knee and elbow guards. This is a very dangerous habit. Helmet is not everything but if you’re wearing and riding like a rookie, you need to stop right now!
A picture of Car's side mirror view of road

No Rear View Mirrors?
In Pakistan the first thing which most new buyers remove are the rear view mirrors, they don’t look cool to many people and because of this stupid cool factor they’re removed. I always call rear view mirrors as eyes in back of my head it helps in being safe, being updated and being cautious on what is going on behind you. These rear view mirrors should not e removed, they should be used always and if i ever get a decision maker, i will introduce ir-removable mirrors.

A bike rider testing motorbike on a racing track

Harsh Lane splitting!
Pakistani Motorcyclists sadly don’t have any lane discipline, the reason being is that they were never trained in the first place,there was no proper institution in Pakistan which could have trained the motorcyclists to get a license but we learnt it from our elders and because they didn’t knew any rules, they didn’t taught us as well.
A motorcycle is supposed to be on the left most lane because it is a slow vehicle, if the biker is riding on the left and he has to turn right, by using rear view mirror he can ride his machine easily to the right.

If not, we see it daily what happens on our roads! Ride safe and obey the LAW.

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